Keithley 2100 Series: 6½-Digit USB Multimeter

The 2100 Series USB Multimeter combines high measurement basic accuracy (0.0038% ) with 6½-digit resolution and a price often associated with 5½ -Digit DMMs. This DMM features 11 measurement functions and 8 math functions to accommodate the most commonly-measured parameters. All accessories, such as USB cable, probes, and software, are included with this broad purpose DMM. With its unique combination of high precision and low total cost of ownership, the 2100 Series is an unbeatable value for R&D engineers, test engineers, scientists, and students making basic precision measurements, whether it’s used as a benchtop DMM or in a system application.





High precision 6½-digit DMM for critical measurements at a 5½-digit price Provides higher precision at a lower cost.
11 measurement functions Covers most commonly measured parameters.
Fully specified accuracies on all functions Ensure ISO-compliant results.
Included PC software utilities for graphing and data sharing in both Microsoft® Word and Excel Supports quick data imports.
Rugged construction Ensures durability in bench/portable applications.
Selectable front/rear inputs Simplifies bench or rack use.
Includes startup software, USB cable, power cable, and safety test leads. Provides for lowest total cost.
TMC compliant USB 2.0 interface for use with SCPI test programs Enables control from a PC for consistent test/calibration procedure execution and easy re-use of existing SCPI programs.


Model Line Voltage (Vac) Maximum Resolution Connectivity
2100/230-240 230-240 6.5 Digits USB (TMC)
2100/220 220 6.5 Digits USB (TMC)
2100/120 120 6.5 Digits USB (TMC)
2100/100 100 6.5 Digits USB (TMC)


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