SMU 2600B: Single or Dual Channel Systems

Keithley’s Series 2600B System SMU instruments are the industry standard current-voltage source and measure solution for highly automated production test applications. Both dual- and single-channel models tightly integrate a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, and electronic load with pulse generating capabilities. Plus, TSP® technology runs complete test programs for automated system applications, and TSP-Link® technology enables daisy-chaining up to 64 channels for high volume parallel test.



Complete production test without sacrificing footprint

Meet all your production test needs with two completely isolated channels of wide dynamic source and measure within the same footprint. Each 40 W channel provides 6½-digit precision resolution source and measure from 10 A pulse to 0.1 fA and 200 V to 100 nV at less than 100 µs pulse width and within 0.1% of settled value.


Model Channels Max Current Source/Measure Range Max Voltage Source/Measure Range Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage) Power
2601B 1 10A 40V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2611B 1 10A 200V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2604B 2 10A 40V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2614B 2 10A 200V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2602B 2 10A 40V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2612B 2 10A 200V 100fA / 100nV 200 W
2635B 1 10A 200V 0.1fA / 100nV 200 W
2634B 2 10A 200V 1fA / 100nV 200 W
2636B 2 10A 200V 0.1fA / 100nV 200 W


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