2606B Series SMU

The 2606B High Density System SourceMeter (SMU) Instrument offers four 20-watt SMU channels in a 1U high form factor chassis. As manufacturers need to optimize plant floor space and reduce test time and costs, the 2606B improves density by 3 times, increases throughput, and minimizes the need to add additional racks of test equipment. This SMU is the perfect solution for production testing of Laser Diodes, LEDs, 2- and 3-terminal semiconductors and much more.



When production test rack space comes at a premium and you need to minimize adding new test racks, the 2606B enables you to add more channel capacity in the same rack area compared to traditional 2U form factor SMUs.

  • Easy to stack and rack
  • No additional 1U thermal spacing required
  • Get 3 times more channels occupying the same amount of rack space
  • Get the same number of channels and occupy 3x less space


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