3 Series MDO Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

With the largest display in class, improved low-level signal measurement accuracy and industry-leading probe performance, the 3 Series MDO sets a new standard for bench oscilloscopes. Whether you’re testing your baseband design for IoT or just for simple EMI sniffing, the 3 Series has a unique true hardware spectrum analyzer built right in with superior RF test performance and guaranteed RF specifications.
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Model Analog Bandwidth Analog Channels Digital Channels Sample Rate Record Length
Spectrum Analyzer
MDO32 100 MHz – 1 GHz 2 16 (optional) Up to 5 GS/s 10 M
1 GHz (standard)
3 GHz (optional)
MDO34 100 MHz – 1 GHz 4 16 (optional) Up to 5 GS/s 10 M
1 GHz (standard)
3 GHz (optional)


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