5 Series MSO Low Profile

In applications that demand extreme channel density, the 5 Series MSO Low Profile oscilloscope sets a new standard for performance. With 12-bit analog-to-digital converters, this high speed digitizer offers 8 input channels (plus AUX Trig) in a compact package, only 3.5 inches high (2U).
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Instrument more of your experiment without adding racks

Replace your oscilloscopes and fit 6x more channels into your existing rack space. The 5 Series MSO LP offers 8 channels, plus an auxiliary trigger input, in a space-saving 2U instrument — at a low cost-per-channel. Each the 8 FlexChannelâ„¢ inputs can be used as 1 analog channel or 8 digital channels.

Model Bandwidth Sample Rate Record Length Analog Channels Digital Channels
MSO58LP 1 GHz 6.25 GS/s 125 M to 500 M 8 Up to 64 (optional)


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