6 Series Low Profile Digitizer

Physics is constantly leading the world to exciting new scientific discoveries in both matter and energy. These experiments require digitizers and oscilloscopes with new levels of precision, performance and size when monitoring target test points. The 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer exceed these by bringing an award winning oscilloscope user interface, industry leading performance, small form factor and Tektronix’s class of reliability. Test equipment just got better.



Applications requiring high-speed digitizers shouldn’t trade-off performance when turning on channels. The 6 Series Low Profile Digitizer sets a new standard by not interleaving sample rate, bandwidth or record length. You get the fastest and most accurate performance from your digitizer – all in a 2U space.

  • 25 GS/s on all 4 channels
  • DC to 8 GHz on all 4 channels
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital converters
  • Up to 1 billion samples (1 Gpt) on all 4 channels
  • Up to 2 GHz RF DDC bandwidth on all channels
  • 2U rack ready digitizer
  • Best in class low noise and ENOB
Model Bandwidth Sample Rate Vertical Resolution Rack Height
LPD64 DC to 8 GHz 25 GS/s 12-bits ADC
2U rack mount ready


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