8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope

The 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope enables efficient and affordable optical component testing with an innovative disaggregated architecture. With a reconfigurable and compact design, an innovative user interface, and reliable high-end performance, this oscilloscope is an ideal test solution for manufacturing applications. The 8 Series is designed to adapt to a continuous increase in demand for higher bandwidths and baud rates addressing current and future test parameters.
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Increased throughput by disaggregation

The 8 Series enables inexpensive, adaptable, and scalable solutions by leveraging the separation of acquisition hardware from analysis software. Stream waveform data from the instrument through high-speed Ethernet to the analysis platform, limiting oscilloscope downtime and maximizing investment.

Model Analog Bandwidth Sample Rate Channels
TSO820 Module Dependent 300 kS/s Up to 4

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