Demonstration Panels KEW 8208

Most VERSATILE complex soap based grease blended with Molybdenum disulphide which develops a tenacious low friction film with an excellent load carrying capacity. It is also fortified with additives such as E. P. Rust and Corrosion inhibitor and antioxidant to reduce wear, provide good water repellency and oxidation stability.


  • Leakage demo panel This panel demonstrates the use of Kyoritsu Leakage Clamp Meters in troubleshooting nuisance tripping of RCD’s due to leakage currents. It includes an RCD with bypass facilities and 5 downstream circuits. Each circuit can simulate a fixed/variable leakage current by selecting an appropriate switch.
  • Using a Kyoritsu Leakage Clamp the overall leakage current can be found and the source of leakage current direction can be traced by clamping the conductors in each circuit. There can also be a combination of one or more leakage currents, for instance, it is possible to simulate a situation of an RCD tripping due to two faulty circuits, one with a fixed leakage current and the other one with variable leakage current (for example due to humidity)


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