A Specialty EP grease formulated with high viscosity base oil and sophisticated additive package providing unparalleled protection under dynamic load conditions. Its proprietary EP additives provide superior protection and performance in shock loading applications where conventional greases damage the component due to rupturing of the oil film


  • Multi power, up to 24 power phases (With TRION-1820-POWER-4 and Direct Current Input)
  • Multiphase, 1 to 24 phases per power system
  • Overall power accuracy of 0.04 %
  • High dynamic range inputs
  • Measurement range 1000 V / 20 A (crest factor 2)
  • External Screen Option for Remote Monitoring/Analysis
  • Mixed signal inputs (low voltage, digital, RPM, …)
  • 18-bit A/D conversion
  • Synchronisation with multiple M13 Systems to increase Channels


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