DMM7512 Dual Channel 7½-Digit Sampling Multimeter

The DMM7512 combines two full-function, high accuracy, high sampling speed DMMs into a 1U high, full rack wide form factor chassis. The compact chassis saves rack space in high-instrument density test systems without compromising measurement performance. Each DMM has identical functionality, and they are entirely independent of each other.
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The DMM7512 consists of two, independent, identical, 7½-digit DMM7510 digital multimeters (DMMs) with a few less measurement functions. The two DMM7512 DMMs have the same accuracy, sensitivity, and speed as the DMM7510 so that the DMM7512 can be seamlessly integrated into a test system that previously used DMM7510s.

Model Channels Digit Resolution Interfaces
DMM7512 2 3½ to 7½ digits USB-TMC, LAN–LXI, TSP-Link


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