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MOSIL Gearlube SP – 100e is a specialty gear oil formulated with highly refined mineral oil along with latest additive technology with friction modifiers to provide high performance and long service life due to lower sludge formation. It contains sulphur – phosphorus chemistry of EP additives that provides high load carrying ability and wear protection. MOSIL Gearlube SP – 100e gear oil is formulated with a special additive system to resist micropitting in gears and provides protection against corrosion of steel and copper containing alloys. It resists foaming and can be used in either splash or circulating system.

MOSIL Gearlube SP – 100e gear oil is suitable wherever Industrial Gear oil is required. It is suitable for the lubrication and protection of enclosed gears including spur, helical and bevel designs besides providing protection against shock loading generally observed in worm gears. It can also be used for lubrication of plain bearings and in rolling contact (anti friction) bearings.


The Tektronix FCA Series frequency counter / timer / analyzer packs the functionality of a frequency counter, frequency meter and timer into one feature-rich instrument. With unprecedented resolution, you can capture very small frequency and time changes. Tektronix frequency counters and timers offer comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots.

Model Max Frequency Time Resolution Frequency Resolution Channels
MCA3000 27 GHz – 40 GHz 100 ps 12 digit 3
FCA3000/3100 300 MHz – 20 GHz 50 ps – 100 ps 12 digit 2 – 3


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