Keithley 2001 Series: 7½-Digit Multimeter with Scanning

The 2001 Series offers 7 ½ -digit resolution and basic DCV accuracy of 0.0018%, offering exceptional resolution, accuracy, and sensitivity. This high performance digital multimeter not only delivers performance specifications usually associated only with instruments that cost thousands more, but it also offers a broad range of functions not typically available in DMMs. For greater flexibility, a built-in card slot on the rear panel allows an additional multiplexer card for multi-point measurement applications.





True 7½-digit resolution based on 28-bit A/D converter Provides greater dynamic range, avoiding range-shift errors and delays
Exceptional measurement integrity combined with high throughput Tests precision components quickly and accurately in production environments
Advanced AC measurements including Peak ACV, AC or AC+DC Coupling, RMS or average, and low frequency RMS Reduces the number of instruments in your test system
Multiple measurement display Displays multiple measurements such as DC and AC volts and the AC frequency from a single measurement connection simultaneously,  reducing the need for additional instruments
Optional plug-in switch cards for multipoint measurements Simplify creating a self-contained, multipoint switch and measure solution
Built-in bar graph display Tracks reading trends around a target value  saving time from off-line measurement analysis


Model Maximum Resolution Connectivity
2001 7.5 GPIB
2001/MEM1 7.5 GPIB
2001/MEM2 7.5 GPIB


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