Keithley 2015 Series: THD and Audio Analysis Multimeter

Our audio analyzing multimeters combine audio band quality measurements and analysis with a broad purpose 6½-digit DMM—all in one half-rack instrument. They can measure total harmonic distortion (THD) over the complete 20Hz to 20kHz audio band and can compute THD+Noise and signal-to-noise plus distortion (SINAD). The 2015‑P and 2016-P directly identify peak values of the frequency spectrum.






Frequency domain analysis in conventional time domain instruments Offers broad range of measurements in one compact, half-rack instrument
Dual output audio band sine wave source Generate stimulus signals with one output; the second one (inverse of the first output) simplifies testing differential input circuits for common mode or noise cancellation performance
Fast frequency sweeps Characterize audio-band circuitry quickly in production test systems
Up to 64 harmonic magnitudes can be included in the distortion measurement Optimize accuracy, speed, and complexity for a specific test by programming the number of harmonics to be included in a computation
5 standard audio shaping filters Filter out electromechanical noise on the production floor or simulate other types of system transmission characteristics
13 DMM functions (6½ digits) Minimize added equipment costs when configuring test setups


Model Description Maximum Resolution Connectivity
2015 6.5 GPIB / RS232
2015-P 6.5 GPIB / RS232


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