Keithley 2110 Series: 5½-Digit Dual-Display USB Multimeter

The 2110 Series 5½-Digit USB digital multimeter combines compelling pricing with comprehensive capabilities, superior measurement accuracy, and high speed. Its dual-line display capability allows it to display two different measurements at once. This general purpose DMM offers an unbeatable value for production, R&D, and test engineers, scientists, and students. At 5½ digits, the 2110 Series delivers up to 200 readings/s via the USB remote interface. At the fast 4½-digit setting, it takes up to 50,000 readings/s and, with the GPIB option, makes an ideal DMM for production and monitoring applications.



Model Maximum Resolution Connectivity
2110-220 5.5 USB (TMC)
2110-120 5.5 USB (TMC)
2110-100 5.5 USB (TMC)
2110-240 5.5 USB (TMC)


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