Series 2290 High Voltage DC Power Supplies

Series 2290 High Voltage Power Supplies are ideal for high voltage device and material testing, as well as high energy physics experiments. Choose the Model 2290-5 Power Supply for voltage outputs up to 5000V or the Model 2290-10 Power Supply for up to 10,000V. These supplies measure both output voltage with 1V resolution and output current with 1μA resolution. In addition to the voltage and current output displays, a third display shows one of four settings: output voltage, voltage limit, current limit, or current trip.



Model Description Number of Outputs Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Connectivity
2.29E-02 5KV PS, 240VAC NOM INPUT VOLTAGE 1 5000V 5mA GPIB, analog
2290-5 5KV PS, 120VAC NOM INPUT VOLTAGE 1 5000V 5mA GPIB, Analog
2290-10 10KV POWER SUPPLY 1 10,000V 1mA
GPIB, RS-232, Analog


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