Keithley 2400 Standard Series SMU

Keithley’s Standard Series 2400 Source Measure Unit (SMU) Instruments offer four-quadrant precision voltage and current source/load coupled with measurement. Each SMU instrument is both a highly stable DC power source and a true instrument-grade 6½-digit multimeter. The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. The multimeter capabilities include high repeatability and low noise.



2400 SourceMeter® SMU Instrument

For over 25 years , the Model 2400 has been used in research and development labs and on production lines around the world. This industry workhorse offers 200V @ 1A, 20 watt performance for so many applications.

Legacy Product. Consider using the newer Model 2450 Graphical SourceMeter in your application or design for a longer return on your investment.

  • Up to 200V / 1A perfomance at 20 Watts
  • 0.012% basic measure accuracy with 6½-digit resolution
  • 2-, 4-, and 6-wire remote V-source and measure sensing
  • Use with KickStart Software
    Model Touchscreen Channels Max Current Source/Measure Range Max Voltage Source/Measure Range Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage) Power
    2401 No 1 1A 20V 1pA / 100nV 20 W
    2400 No 1 1A 200V 1pA / 100nV 20 W
    2420 No 1 3A 60V 10pA / 100nV 60 W
    2410 No 1 1A 1100V 1pA / 100nV 20 W
    2440 No 1 5A 40V 10pA / 100nV 50 W


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