Keithley 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition/Switch Systems

Each Series 2700 system combines precision measurement, switching, and control in a tightly integrated enclosure for either rack-mount or bench-top applications. The Model 2750 offers extended low ohms measurement capability and supports up to 5 7700 Switch cards for a maximum 200, 2-pole multiplexed channels. It also contains a built-in 20mV clamp that helps protect sensitive devices from damage and prevents self-heating errors during dry circuit testing. Switch card options range from traditional multiplexer modules to automatic CJC compensation for temperature measurement and more.





Five-slot mainframe for 7700 switch cards. Makes it easy to create an automated test system with up to 200 channels/240 crosspoints.
Built-in algorithms for a variety of thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors. Makes temperature measurements as easy as hooking up a sensor because the system does the rest.
12 switch and control modules from which to choose Simplifies selecting just the right module to meet your application needs
Open lead detection Protects against false readings due to lead disconnections.
Battery-backed non-volatile memory Protects valuable data and allows resuming scans where they stopped after a power failure.
Channel Monitor function Allows viewing a channel of interest without interrupting a scan
Selectable power line cycle integration Provides rejection of noise from line cycle interference, the most common source of noisy readings.


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