Keithley Nanovoltmeter Model 2182A

A synthetic Silicone grease with highly stable chemical additives like rust and corrosion inhibitor and anti-oxidants. It is highly inert and has an excellent fluidity at very low temperatures (upto -40°C) making It applicable to a wide range of industrial applications. It is ideal for bearings requiring low starting torques.



The two-channel Model 2182A Nanovoltmeter is optimized for making stable, low noise voltage measurements and for characterizing low resistance materials and devices reliably and repeatably. It provides higher measurement speed and significantly better noise performance than alternative low voltage measurement solutions. It offers a simplified delta mode for making resistance measurements in combination with a reversing current source, such as the Model 6220 or 6221.

2182A/J 1 nV~100 V 10 nΩ~200 MΩ(6220型または6221型が必要) 2 1,024個の読み値
2182A 1nV – 100V -200°C – 1820°C 10nΩ to 200MΩ (requires 6220 or 6221) 2 1,024rdgs


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