Keithley Potentiostats

The 2450-EC, 2460-EC, and 2461-EC Potentiostats are flexible, low-cost, and ideal for research and development in fundamental electrochemical lab research, characterizing next generation materials and electrolytes, new energy storage devices, and faster, smaller sensors. The potentiostats include everything you need for electrochemistry testing, including cyclic, squarewave, or galvanic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry.





Perform cyclic, squarewave, or galvanic voltammetry, chronoamperometry, and chronopotentiometry Lower cost alternative to potentiostats
Simplified user interface Accelerates test setup by as much as 50%
Real-time plotting of voltammograms on the front panel Expedites test analysis and time to answer
Analytical graph cursors Allow immediate analysis of results without a computer
Built-in scripting language Create libraries of reusable, customizable experimental software
Screen capture function Supports copying test results from the display to reports
10nV and 10fA measurement sensitivity Enables low voltage and low current measurements with confidence
Front panel input banana jacks; rear panel input triaxial connections Convenient; saves money on additional adapter accessories
Context-sensitive help function Minimizes the learning curve
Front-panel USB 2.0 memory I/O port Facilitates transferring data, test scripts, or tests


Model Channels Max Current Source/Measure Range Max Voltage Source/Measure Range Measurement Resolution (Current / Voltage) Power
2450-EC 1 1A 200V 10fA/10nV 20W
2460-EC 1 7A 100V 10pA/100nV 100W
2461-EC 1 10A 100V 50pA/5nV 100W


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