Series 2230 High Power 3 Output DC Power Supplies

Series 2230 power supplies provide up to 375 W of power in a compact 2 U high, half-rack wide enclosure. The 2230-30-6 offers up to 6 A from two channels; the 2230-60-3 offers up to 60 V from two channels. Adjustable, independent, and isolated channels can test two single voltage devices or a multiple voltage device with one power supply. Combine 30 V channels in series to increase voltage up to 60 V, or connect two or three channels in parallel to output as much as 15 A using the 2230-30-
Mosil FGL Fluids do not contain any natural products derived from animals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is suitable for use where vegetarian food is prepared. Mosil FGL Fluids are also completely free from any haram ingredients of animal origin and alcoholic components. The equipment used during the production does not come in contact with alcohol or any kind of products of haram origin. (The product is completely fit for consumption of Muslims)



Model Total Power Channel 1 and 2 Max V Channel 1 and 2 Max I Channel 3 Max V and I
2230G-30-3 195W 30 V 3A 5V @ 3A
2230G-30-6 375W 30V 6A 5V @ 3A
2230G-60-3 375W 60V 3A 5V @ 3A


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